Montag, 24. Februar 2014

Jools goes Berlin

I payed the capital a short visit for 6 days and I have to say and this is what I did...I stayed at my dad's friend Schubi's hostel, which was great because I had a room all to myself and got to hear some nice stories from Schubi himself, plus I went to see a gig with his blues band in Neukölln, which has become my favourite Kiez!
As much as I loved to see my Berlin friends though, Berlin is pretty stressful and I needed some time to figure out to get from A-Z -the main thing is to either stay away from the Ringbahn or go on it with a friend, otherwise one I ends up going in circles for ages...
I met up with Susi, who is an old friend that I met in Ireland when we cleaned up her host child's puke and other exciting things like that and she showed me the graveyard where Bertolt Brecht lies.
I got to see Julie, my lovely friend who I used to live with way back in the student accomodations, and Anne, who came casually down from Sweden so we could all go to Ryan O'Reilly's gig at Marie Antoinette's.
I wish we could all just grab our favourite people and put them all in one place preferably not Berlin so we can hang out together more often and enjoy cakes and wine and talks about the perils of our respective jobs and well, life.

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