Sonntag, 11. September 2016


I haven't had as much time to write as I maybe would have liked to because of having a baby and all that  but it is time! I have to face the fact that baby is 19 months old now.
So here are the things I did last night before I got my creativity going (flowing?):

  1. check Facebook
  2. resolve to leave ALL the earthmotherbreastfeedingsbabywearingregionalandinternationalslingmeeting groups on Facebook I ever entered
  3. refresh Facebook page
  4. there is going to be blue wine?
  5. check when blue wine is going to be sold in Europe
  6. note down date of when blue wine hits Europe on family calendar
  7. read Amanda's Palmer Guardian article about the new Nick Cave Film "One more time with feeling"
  8. Nick Cave's son died at 15??? 
  9. have major sob, must wrap my son in bubble wrap AT ALL TIMES and make him wear a helmet ALWAYS
  10. Google what exactly happened to Arthur Cave - how did I miss that?
  11. text bf who is out having a pint how I am not being productive but thinking about heading to bed shortly
  12. getting a spoon and the jar of Nutella from the kitchen (quietly)
  13. hear toddler baby squeak via babyphone
  14. running into bedroom to nurse toddlerbaby (he snoozes on)
  15. have 4 spoons of Nutella (jar empty)
  16. right. must get going now otherwise never will
  17. looking at clock - almost midnight 
  18. closing laptop and opening laptop-the-small (it is not connected to the wifi)
  19. write for probably even less than thirty minutes
Facebook is a dick. 

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