Samstag, 15. April 2017

Ode to my Bullet Journal

Ode to my Bullet Journal

Oh bullet journal
I have seen you
on instagram and pinterest
you are so beautiful
I feel like
I need to have you in my life
You are not a calendar
nor are you
just an ordinary journal
so what the fuck 
are you?
a totally customizable organization system
that adepts to my needs
suggests a youtube video about you
I have watched it now for twenty minutes
it is still not finished
I could have had
at least one cup of tea in the meantime
the question arises
whether there will be time left
to do the tasks
that you are meant to be organizing

Oh bullet journal
I take out my notebook
which looks like any plain old journal
and go through the instructions for usage of you:
rapid logging
future log
da fuck!
migration, task bullet, Why Bullet Journal?
I do not know
I draw a line to get started
it is totally
to organize the month of April
April is the cruelest month
an hour has passed
and I am still drawing a few lines here and there in April
all crooked like the first one

Oh bullet journal
you have taught me so much
like that I am not able to draw a straight fucking line
with a ruler
and alongs dots that are already there
perhaps you are not for me
go forth
and spread the light of organization
to others
on instagram
and pinterest
and youtube?
Bye now
I will remain your secret admirer
from afar

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